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Walnut Wrist Support

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Wrist Pain After Long Sessions Of Typing?

We are computers enthusiast and we do know how uncomfortable can be working with the wrong gear. That's why we created the Walnut Wrists Support, to give the best experience and the most relief to the user.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is most prevalent in people who spend a lot of time using a PC; therefore, if you're a PC gamer - or if you work intensely with it, you are more likely to experience this disease. We are pc users too, that's why we know how important is to prevent overuse injuries, and that's why we are proud to present Ergonomic Wrist Rest!
✓ Prevent Wrist Injuries: Our wrist support will allow the users to work or play in the best posture, avoiding the overuse of the interested party. 
✓ Ergonomic: Forget about wrist pain and enjoy work or game sessions to the fullest. 
✓ Anti-Slip: Rubber base to avoid any unwanted movement.
✓ Design & Quality: Made of high-quality walnut wood, it will take your desk to the next level. Top class!
✓ Waterproof: Don't worry about accidentally spilling liquids, it's of course waterproof and can be cleaned with a wet cloth to preserve maximum hygiene. 
✓ Best For Mechanical Keyboards!
  • Material: 100% Walnut Wood
  • Color: Walnut
Size Info:
Package & Shipping:
  • 1x Walnut Wrists Support
  • Shipped within 48 hours
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